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The Complete Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Our topic today, programmatic advertising, is one of the most interesting and most sophisticated concepts in the digital advertising world. Advances in technology and the rise of Ai and machine learning has enabled advertisers to target their audience with such remarkable accuracy so they can deliver stunning result and performance for their brands or their clients. Running successful programmatic advertising campaigns is one of the most demanded skills in the digital marketing world and having at least a basic understanding of the concept is necessary for all participants of this industry. Thus, I have put together this comprehensive guide to help you grasp the concept like never before.

I will reveal multiple statistics and strategies and then I will familiarize you with the giant participants and platforms in the programmatic world. By the end of this guide, you should be able to easily understand all the terms and concepts that are discussed in media or by professional marketers and even to start a profitable programmatic advertising campaign for your business or your client.


Table of Contents:

  1. History and Direct Media Buying


1. History and Direct Media Buying

Back in the early days of the internet, many websites especially publisher’s websites were getting good traffic on their contents online while it wasn’t at all profitable. So they had to come up with a way to monetize their online efforts and what could be better but to sell ad spaces within their contents and sell them to brands and businesses. It turned out to be a great source of income for publishers’ websites. This process, however, had to be done manually meaning the publishers had to create the ad spaces manually on their webpages and sell them directly to advertisers. Advertisers on the other hand who wanted to have their ads to show up on multiple websites had to directly contact publishers one by one and send their proposal to them for approval. Once their proposal was approved then they had to create specific banners based on each publishes specific requirements. If everything was done correctly the publisher would place the ad on the webpage as agreed manually until the campaign ended and then the ads were manually removed. As you can feel the process was inefficient, frustrating, and extremely time-consuming.


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